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Why is Liberty purchasing Kentucky Power?

Liberty wants to be part of eastern Kentucky’s future.  Its purchase of Kentucky Power represents the best path forward for a strong future of reliable, cost-effective electric service for customers in the region and significant job creation and retention.

Who is Liberty Utilities?

Liberty provides electric, natural gas, water and wastewater service to more than 1 million customer connections, mainly in 13 U.S. states. Liberty has significant experience running regulated utilities, including three electric distribution utilities and six natural gas distribution utilities, and looks forward to serving Eastern Kentucky.

In addition to significant rate relief, what other benefits will Liberty bring to electric utility customers in Eastern Kentucky?

If approved by the PSC, the sale of Kentucky Power to Liberty will bring immediate rate relief to customers and promote the local economy in eastern Kentucky. Specifically, Liberty will:

  • Offer jobs to all Kentucky Power employees
  • Create 100-125 new jobs in eastern Kentucky
  • Establish an Eastern Kentucky Fuel Relief Fund with $40 Million to assist customers with through bill credits to offset high fuel charges
  • Suspend of collection of the Big Sandy Decommissioning Rider for up to three years
  • NOT seek to recover any transaction or one-time transition costs from customers
  • Honor AEP’s commitment to not seek any rate increases prior to January 2024
  • Open a new call center in eastern Kentucky
  • Reopen walk-in call service center in Ashland, as well as another one in the service territory
  • Hire a Vice President of Customer Advocacy to be part of the local Kentucky Power management team
  • Continue economic development activities for at least two years, while Liberty evaluates how to enhance them

What impact will this have on current Kentucky Power customers?

The transition will have little impact on current Kentucky Power customers. After the sale is approved, you’ll continue to see the same faces you have gotten to know over the years as Kentucky Power employees—and some new ones, as well! While the sale is being finalized, current Kentucky Powers customers should continue to:

  • Send your bill payments to Kentucky Power. More information about billing and payments with Liberty will be available at a later date.
  • Report outages and safety hazards to com/outages or 1.800.572.1113.
  • Review your usage at com/usage or through our mobile app.
  • Get ready to hear some of the benefits coming your way if the Liberty transaction is approved!

Will customer rates go up as a result of this transaction?

Liberty has agreed to honor existing Kentucky Power commitments to not pursue a rate increase through at least 2023; and no increases on account of the transfer of the utility are planned. In fact, Liberty’s purchase of Kentucky Power will help to control the costs customers pay. Any future rate changes will need to be approved through the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC), which would include a public hearing and comment period and a review of company financial information to justify the increase. Liberty is working up some potential monthly savings for customers that you will see directly on your bill!

Will existing Kentucky Power employees lose their jobs during the transition?

No. The same skilled and experienced employees who work to keep your lights on now will continue to do so as part of Liberty. In addition to retaining all existing jobs that currently support Kentucky Power’s operations in the region, we’re creating over 100 new, good-paying, local jobs—some of which will support a new call center to be located in eastern Kentucky.

When is the purchase expected to go through?

While there are still regulatory reviews and other details that must be worked out before the sale is complete, we expect to complete the transaction. Kentucky Power will continue to serve customers as part of AEP until that time. After the sale is complete, the same Kentucky Power team will still provide electric service to your home or business but will be owned by Liberty and operate under the Liberty brand.

What should I do if I still have questions?

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, you can reach Kentucky Power customer service agents at 1.800.572.1113 or through our social media channels.

Link to this page on Kentucky Power https://www.kentuckypower.com/company/transition

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